Decor #3 | Babydoll’s Room

♥ Sugar & Spice and everything nice ♥
{Bed Space}

Hey everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well. This post was a little bit delayed from Be My Babydoll posting, however, I wanted to post credits because a lot of people have asked me about some of our decor! Credits below.

Other than that, just keeping it cute. I have always had a passion for pink and pastel, sparkle lights, and all things adorable. A little animal mix of unicorn, kitties, and bunny in this room made my heart happy. As always, decorated by the lovely Suhnne Blossom ♥ We hope you enjoy!

In-world → Suhnne

Flickr → Suhnne Blossom

(♥) F A I R Y & S U H N N E Blossom

{ D e c o r }

{Bed Space}

+Half-Deer+ |Super Jumbo Unicorn Plush w/ sits – Rainbow (sleep)

+Half-Deer+ | First Class Kitty – Shopaholics – Snow RARE

+Half-Deer+ | Louretta Task Lamp – Pink – Bunny

{what next} | Hearts Alarm Clock (ivory)

{what next} | Madeleine Wall Print – Sparkle

Kalopsia |- Faith’s Side Table

:Cheeky Pea: |Vetur Lit Drapes

+Half-Deer+ | Dreamrose Princess Bed – Blush Pink (Adult)

{what next} | Madeleine Wall Print – C’est La Vie

-China & Goodies-| Porcelain and tole Gardenias

Kalopsia | – Faith’s Rug – Beige

:Cheeky Pea: | Hello Vegas Rose Gold Rug

{Office Space}

{what next} | Pajamas All Day Wall Print (mono)

+Half-Deer+ | Cat Clutter II – Kitty Treat Jar (Pink)

+Half-Deer+ | Cat Clutter II – Litter Box (Pink)

+Half-Deer+ | Cozy Cat Condo – Cotton White

+Half-Deer+ | Cat Clutter – Bowl of Fish – Neutral

+Half-Deer+ | Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Neutral

+Half-Deer+ | First Class Kitty – Open Suitcase – Pale

{what next} | Amelie Picture Shelf 1

{what next} | Amelie Picture Shelf 2

+Half-Deer+ | Sugarbyte Computer – Pink – Bunny

+Half-Deer+ | Louretta Writing Desk – Circle – Silver

+Half-Deer+ | Dreamfluff Chair – Rainbow – Bunny


Decor #2|Create

♥ To create a space is to bring a slice a paradise to the every day ♥
The Art Space

Hey Fam!

Welcome again to our new Decor/Home&Garden blog! This room is the office space in the home I share with Suhnne. I have to say, as much as I would like to take credit for this amazing color-pop decor, it is 100% her vision – texturing & layout design. So if you have questions or want her to work magic in your space, I encourage you to reach out to Suhnne of Suhnne Day Designs (links below)!

In-world → Suhnne

Flickr → Suhnne Blossom

Creating a space that is not only functional but beautiful is no quick task at times, however, Suhnne’s expansive inventory and eye for detail never ceases to amaze me. As control freaks, we love having an office space with plenty of organized chaos – boards to remind us of things, cubbies to tuck all of our beautiful clutter (hey, it’s not hoarding if it’s organized!), and lots of space to work! This room is split into the art station, the sitting area, the work-in-progress corner, and workstation (which isn’t featured because I still need to clutter this thing with cute stuffs).

However, while all the pretty is always tempting, it is also important to remember to be mindful of your prims and heavily scripted items. This can help with reducing lag and reducing tier costs. So check out the designers below! Each come with our kiss of approval.

Happy decorating,

(♥) F A I R Y & Suhnne

♥ Just close your eyes and let yourself feel the room. Where do things belong? ♥
The Sitting Area

{The Art Space}

HAIKEI| My Vintage Art Studio Gacha

C L A Vv | Light Studio | Small Tools Table

Trompe Loeil | Paxton Canvases 3

{The Sitting Area}

Second Spaces |  Command Center Gacha |Shabby White RARE

Tarte | Create Light in Blue

Loft & Aria | Juniper Sette in Sunny

Second Spaces |  Nellie Office Ladder

Cheeky Pea | Pheobe’s Boho Rug Pile

{The Work-in-Progress Corner}

Tres Blah | Pampered | Clipboard Art

Second Spaces |  Craft Room | Ribbons

Bee Designs | Coastal Cabin Gacha |Honeycomb Frame 1

Floorplan | Wall Paper

unKindness |Lady Boss Conference Short Table + Pouffe

Tres Blah | Workspace |Art Supplies

Second Spaces| Craft Room | Stamps + Paints

Tres Blah | Workspace | Art Clutter

Second Spaces | Craft Room | Caddy

Tres Blah | Workspace | And Files

Dilly Dolls| #9 Learning Stuff |Laptop

Tres Blah | Workspace | Hello Sign

Tarte | Cloud Light

Tres Blah | Workspace | Print + Books

Tres Blah | Golden Cage | Peonies

Dilly Dolls| #15 Learning Stuff | Large Drawing Pad + 3D Printer

Second Spaces | Craft Room | Crafts on the Go Blue RARE

♥ Ask yourself, “does this item bring me joy?” If not-get rid of it! ♥
The Work-in-Progress Corner

Decor #1| Slytherin Room

Sometimes you just need a bit of magic

Hey everyone,

I want to welcome you to the new decor section! Working with Suhnne Days Design has been absolutely amazing and I wanted to feature her scenes without sticking my avatar in every shot. 😂 So here we are! I hope you like it.

Looking for design tips or to hire someone for an event or new home decoration? Send a notecard in-world to suhnne. ♥

Suhnne’s Flickr (NEW) → Follow

(♥) F A I R Y & Suhnne Blossom

a spark to create the change and inspire belief

{Fashion Corner}

Jian | Barn Owl + Cage Floor Stand + Ball Python Wanderer

Valenska | Hannah Armchair // naughty version

Plastik | Trappe Shelf w/clutter + Lohna Timeclock

Wimey | The Snake Wall Art

Tres Blah | Makeup Tower + Salad Days // Gold Cloche

A N E Decor | Skull Vase Makeup

Second Spaces | Makeup Junkie Gacha – Palettes, Foundation, Lipsticks

+ Spellbound + | Wall Banner

Anam Cara Designs | Vanity Lights + Flowers + Vanity Stool

Wednesday + | Always // Witch Vanity

Tres Blah | Jolie Gacha // RARE Makeup Bag + Brush Set

Tres Blah | Vanity Gacha // Jewelry Tree RARE

Second Spaces | Makeup Clutter

Against the Wall | Solemnly Swear Wall Art

Mad Pea | A Tale of Two Sisters // Wardrobe

The Little Bat | Wizard Art // He Lived

Plastik | Vindeluna Swivel Hourglass

and to remember that even in the darkest of times

{Sitting Room}

The Little Bat | Wizard Art // He Lived + Hallows + Always + Wand

Crooked Laugh | Harry Potter Hanging Wall Art

Nota Bene | Potion Cabinet

Plastik | Aloe Hanger + Lunacathery

The Domineaux Effect | Ponyvale Manor + Fixtures + Fireplace

HEXtraordinary | Adult Phoenix

AR – Cozy’s | Tesha Armchairs

Cheeky Pea | Vetur Rug

Plastik | Celeste Table

Tres Blah | Ziggy Skull

SPELL | Chocolate Frog

Bazar | Paris // Wine Set

Asteroid Box | Cup ‘o Space

Mad Pea | A Tale of Two Sisters // Dark Floral Spirit Board

One only needs to turn on the lights ♥ ~ Dumbledore

{Sleeping Space}

Cheeky Pea | Vetur Lit Drapes

Apple Fall | Cotton Cluster + Fall Books Occasional Table + Wild Thistles

RaWage | bellah Bed

Bazar | Berlin Rug

The Little Bat | Sorting Hat Table

Myrrine Home & Garden | Angelique // Pile of Books RARE

Apple Fall | Mercantile Bookshelf

Cheeky Pea | Dreams Come True Armoire

Peaches | Alohomora Trunks